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Myeloma Screen

Manifestations of Myeloma



  • MGUS and smouldering myeloma by definition do not manifest clinically. Multiple myeloma presents classically with hypercalcaemia, renal dysfunction, anaemia and lytic bony lesions (denoted by the acronym CRAB); myeloma should be suspected in patients with any of these manifestations without any other clear cause.
    • Manifestations of Multiple Myeloma

    • Classical (CRAB)

    • Calcium - hypercalcaemia
    • Renal failure (multifactorial) - due to cast nephropathy, glomerular light chain deposition, hypercalcaemia, amyloidosis
    • Anaemia - normocytic, normochromic
    • Bone lesions - lytic lesions, due to osteoclastic change
    • Other

    • Hyperviscosity syndrome - due to hypergammaglobulinaemia
    • Amyloidosis - GI, cardiac, hepatic, renal, muscular or nerve infiltration
    • Recurrent infections - due to relative hypogammaglobulinaemia
Last updated on August 12th, 2018