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Ankle Exam

Bony Landmarks

January 1st, 2017

Bony Landmarks of the Ankle

Medial malleolus - of the distal tibia.
Lateral malleolus - of the distal fibula.
Talus - a tarsal bone that articulates directly with the medial and lateral malleoli.
Navicular - a tarsal bone of the medial foot, distal to the talus.
Cuneiforms  - three tarsal bones of the medial foot, distal to the navicular bone.
Calcaneus - a posterior tarsal bone that constitutes the heel.
Cuboid - a tarsal bone of the lateral foot, distal to the calcaneus.
Metatarsal bones - palpate the heads, shafts and bases of the five metatarsal bones. Squeeze across the metatarsal heads.
Phalanges - proximal, intermediate (2-5), and distal.
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