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Full Blood Count

Serum Haemoglobin

February 15th, 2021


Haemoglobin is a tetrameric protein found within red blood cells, composed of a haem (iron-containing) molecule, two alpha and two beta globin subunits.
Haemoglobin transports oxygen and other molecules in the blood.
    • Normal Range

    • Males: 130 - 180 g/L
    • Females: 115 - 165 g/L
  • Interpretation

  • Reduced serum haemoglobin - suggests anaemia
  • Increased serum haemoglobin - suggests relative or absolute erythrocytosis

Haematocrit or Haemoglobin?

Haematocrit and haemoglobin values are often used interchangeably. The haematocrit : haemoglobin ratio is often stable and usually  approximately 0.3.
Serum haemoglobin concentration is a better marker of anaemia because it more directly reflects the blood's ability to transport oxygen.
Discrepancies in the haematocrit : haemoglobin ratio occur most commonly in the presence of abnormal red blood cell morphology, and the blood smear should be examined when this is the case.
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