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Full Blood Count


February 15th, 2021


Reticulocytes are non-nucleated immature red blood cells. They are not normally present in the circulation in high numbers, though may be seen if the bone marrow is producing large numbers of red cells.
    • Normal Range

    • Absolute reticulocyte count: 50 - 100 x 10⁹/L
    • Reticulocyte percentage: 0.5 - 2.5%
The reticulocyte count should be interpreted in the context of the patient's clinical status and whether they are anaemic.


Elevated reticulocytes are indicative of compensatory erythropoiesis due to haemolysis, recovery from anaemia or increased red blood cell requirement.
  • Causes of Reticulocytosis

  • Haemolytic anaemia
  • Haemorrhage (acute or chronic)
  • Recovery post bone marrow suppression
  • Late pregnancy
  • High altitude

Reduced Reticulocytes

Near absence of reticulocytes occurs when the marrow is unable to produce enough red cells.
  • Causes of Reduced Reticulocytes

  • Cytotoxic chemotherapy
  • Aplastic anaemia
  • Haematinic (B12 / folate / iron) deficiency
  • Anaemia of chronic disease
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