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February 15th, 2021


    • Normal Range

    • 1.5 - 4.5 g/L
  • Important Lab Points

  • Fibrinogen is not routinely measured as part of a coagulation screen.
  • The 'derived' fibrinogen level is often reported with the coag result and is estimated based on the prothromin time curve. It is not an accurate estimate of fibrinogen concentrations and should not be used.
  • A dedicated fibrinogen assay should be ordered to determine the fibrinogen concentration.


Elevated serum fibrinogen.
  • Causes of Hyperfibrinogenaemia

  • Physiological in elderly patients
  • Acute phase reactant - infection, inflammation, malignancy
  • Pregnancy


Reduced serum fibrinogen.
  • Causes of Hypofibrinogenaemia

  • Congenital deficiency - hypofibrinogenaemia, afibrinogenaemia, dysfibrinogenaemia
  • Reduced synthesis - liver impairment
  • Consumption - DIC, cancers, thrombolytic therapy, snake bite
  • Haemodilution - massive transfusion
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