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Test Findings
Test Findings

Reduced TSH



  • A suppressed TSH is suggestive of primary hyperthyroidism.
    • Causes of Reduced TSH

    • Primary Hyperthyroidism

    • Grave's disease
    • Toxic multinodule goitre
    • Toxic nodule
    • Thyroiditis - postviral, postpartum, lymphocytic
    • Drugs - thyroxine, amiodarone, iodine
    • Pregnancy-related - hyperemesis gravidarum, hydatidiform mole
    • Struma ovarii
    • Congenital hyperthyroidism
    • Other

    • Subclinical hyperthyroidism
    • Nonthyroidal illness
    • Central hypothyroidism
    • Congenital TSH or TRH deficiency
    • Interpretation

    • Supressed TSH with elevated T4 - suggestive of primary hyperthyroidism
    • Suppressed TSH with normal T4 - suggestive of subclinical hyperthyroidism
    • Suppressed TSH with reduced T4 - suggestive of nonthyroidal illness or central hyperthyroidism
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