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Test Findings

Kerley Lines



  • The interlobular septa are not normally seen on chest x-rays. Thickening of interlobular septa seen on chest x-ray is referred to as Kerley lines, of which there are three types.
    • Interpretation

    • Kerley A lines - 5-10cm lines extending from the hila to the periphery (fluid in the deep septa)
    • Kerley B lines - 1-2cm lines seen in the periphery of the lower lung extending into the pleura (interlobular septal thickening)
    • Kerley C lines - small, fine lines not in keeping with A or B lines
    • Causes of Kerley Lines

    • Pulmonary oedema
    • Interstitial pneumonia - viral pneumonitis, mycoplasma, pneumocystis
    • Neoplasia  - lymphangitis carcinomatosis, lymphoma
    • Sarcoidosis
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