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Test Findings




  • Prekeratocytes and keratocytes are blood film findings that are suggestive of oxidative haemolysis.
    • Keratocytes
    • Keratocytes
  • Keratocytes (bite cells) are red cells with a bite-like defect in their membrane. These occur due to phagocytosis of a Heinz body (made up of denatured haemoglobin), leaving a bite in the cell.
  • Prekeratocytes (blister cells) are similar to keratocytes, however retain a sliver of cell membrane - leaving the cell with a defect that resembles a blister.
    • Causes of Keratocytes

    • Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency
    • Unstable haemoglobins
    • Drug-induced oxidative haemolysis
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