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Test Findings

Elevated LDH

April 24th, 2019


LDH is elevated in haemolysis, and markedly in intravascular haemolysis.
As LDH is present in all tissues, its elevation is a nonspecific marker of cell damage. Elevation of specific LDH isoenzymes may point toward a specific pathology, as below.
  • Causes of Elevated Lactate Dehydrogenase

  • Factitious (haemolysed sample)
  • Heart - myocardial infarction, heart failure
  • Brain - ischaemic stroke, traumatic brain injury
  • Kidneys - nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, acute tubular necrosis, infarction
  • Anaemia - haemolytic or megaloblastic
  • Malignancy (especially haematological)
  • Lungs - pulmonary embolism, infarction, obstructive disease, interstitial lung disease, pneumonia
  • Spleen - infarction
  • Pancreas - pancreatitis
  • Liver - hepatitis, infarction, cirrhosis, malignancy, trauma
  • Skeletal muscle - strenuous exercise, rhabdomyolysis, myositis
  • Shock
  • Trauma
  • Hypoxia
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