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Anorectal Mass


    • Causes of Anorectal Mass

    • Haemorrhoid (prolapsed / thrombosed)
    • Rectal prolapse
    • Condyloma acuminatum (anal warts)
    • Skin tag
    • Perianal abscess
    • Tumour - SCC, BCC, mucinous adenocarcinoma, Paget’s disease

History of Presenting Complaint

    • The Mass

      The location of the mass, its appearance and how large it is.
    • Smooth mass protuding from the anusHaemorrhoid or potentially rectal prolapse
    • Irregular massMore suggestive of anorectal tumour
    • Purulent discharge from massSuggestive of perianal abscess
    • Associated Symptoms

      Whether the mass is associated with any other symptoms.
    • Anorectal painMost likely thombosed haemorrhoid, though may represent anal SCC
    • FeversSuggestive of perianal abscess

Associated Diseases