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  • Xanthomata are cholesterol-filled nodules that occur in the setting of hereditary or acquired disorders of lipid metabolism.
    • Look For

    • Red to yellow nodules, papules or plaques.
  • Xanthomata may overly tendons, extensor surfaces, flexor surfaces or the palms.
    • Types of Xanthomata

    • Tendinous: over tendons, ligaments, fasciaUnderlying lipid metabolism disorder
    • Planar: yellow and softHypercholesterolaemia
    • Tuberous: nodules on extensor surfaces (knees, knuckles, buttocks), palmsSystemic alteration in lipid metabolism
    • Eruptive: papules over pressure points and extensor surfacesHypertriglyceridaemia
    • Disseminatum: flexural surfaces
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