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Visual Hallucinations



    • Interpretation

    • Simple visual hallucinations - flashes, dots, colours, patternsSuggestive of ocular pathology, seizure or migraine aura
    • Complex visual hallucinations - objects, animals, peopleSuggestive of Lewy body dementia or delirium, though can occur in severe psychosis
    • Autoscopic hallucinations: a visual hallucination of the patient's own self.
    • Anton's syndrome (cortical blindness): the patient reports that they are able to see and can describe the world around them, despite clear evidence that they are blindOccurs in the setting of bilateral occipital strokes
    • Causes of Visual Hallucinations

    • Sensory deprivation in normal people
    • Dementia with Lewy Bodies
    • Delirium
    • Severe psychosis
    • Anton's syndrome (cortical blindness)
    • Migraine aura
    • Seizure
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