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Reduced Temperature

June 25th, 2019

Reduced Body Temperature

Hypothermia is a reduction in human body temperature. This tends to occur due to heat loss from exposure to cold, vasodilation or burns; hypothermia can also occur in the context of reduced heat production, or due to central temperature dysregulation.
  • Classification

  • Mild hypothermia - 34 - 35.9°C
  • Moderate hypothermia - 32 - 33.9°C
  • Severe hypothermia - 30.3 - 31.9°C
  • Profound hypothermia - <30°C
  • Causes of Hypothermia

  • Heat Loss

  • Exposure to cold - low ambient temperature, inadequate clothing, water immersion
  • Vasodilation - alcohol ingestion, sepsis, vasodilators
  • Skin loss - burns, dermatitis
  • Treatment for hyperthermia
  • Reduced Heat Production

  • Decreased metabolic rate - hypothyroidism
  • Decreased muscular activity - sedatives, opioids, muscle relaxants
  • CNS Temperature Dysregulation

  • Hypoadrenalism, hypopituitarism, head trauma, stroke
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