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Peripheral Visual Fields



  • By identifying loss of vision in a particular field or group of fields, it is possible to localise an intracranial lesion and guide further investigation.
  • The visual fields extend 100 degrees laterally, 60 degrees medially, 60 degrees upward and 75 degrees downward.
    • How to Assess

    • Ask the patient to cover one eye. Slowly move a finger or white examination pin from the upper left, upper right, lower left and then lower right, asking the patient to state when they can see the finger / pin. Repeat with the other eye.
    • Interpretation

    • Unilateral anopia - complete loss of vision in one eyeUnilateral optic nerve lesion or ocular pathology
    • Bitemporal hemianopia - loss of lateral vision in both eyesOptic chiasmal compression
    • Homonymous hemianopia - loss of left or right field in both eyesContralateral optic tract lesion
    • Homonymous inferior quadrantanopia - loss of the left or right lower quarters of vision in both eyesContralateral lower optic radiation lesion
    • Homonymous superior quadrantanopia- loss of the left or right upper quarters of vision in both eyesContralateral upper optic radiation lesion
    • Homonymous hemianopia with macular sparingContralateral occipital lobe lesion
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