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Identifying a Vein for PICC Line Insertion

February 15th, 2021


The most common sites for PICC line insertion are the cephalic vein (laterally) or basilic vein (medially) within the antecubital fossa or just above.

Tips for Finding a Vein

  • Do

  • Ask the patient about their preference of arm
  • Use the nondominant arm if possible
  • Don't

  • Absolutely do not use the same arm as an AV fistula
  • Don't use the same arm as a past lymph node dissection or mastectomy
  • Don't insert a PICC on the same side as a pacemaker
  • Don't use a limb affected by stroke
  • Don't insert a needle through a burn, oedema or infected tissue
  • Don't use a limb that has a DVT
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