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Male Catheters
Male Catheters
Urinary catheters are used for a wide variety of indications including to relieve urinary retention, measure urine output and collect urine samples. Male catheterisation can be more difficult and higher risk than female catheterisation due to the length and course of the male urethra.

Indications for Catheterisation



    • Indications

    • Bladder drainage - for relief of acute urinary retention or bladder outlet obstruction
    • Prevention of urinary retention due to clots
    • Measurement of urine output
    • Perioperative use - urologic surgery, prolonged surgery, large volumes of intraoperative infusion or diuretics, intraoperative urine output measurement
    • Urine specimen collection in patients who are unable to voluntarily void
    • To assist in the healing of perineal wounds in incontinent patients
    • Instillation of medications into the bladder
    • Not Indications

    • Urinary incontinence
    • Confusion
    • Prolonged bed rest with no indication for catheterisation
    • Measuring urine output in patients who are able to void where hourly output is not required
    • Prolonged postoperative catheterisation without an indication
Last updated on January 1st, 2018