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Male Catheters
Male Catheters
Urinary catheters are used for a wide variety of indications including to relieve urinary retention, measure urine output and collect urine samples. Male catheterisation can be more difficult and higher risk than female catheterisation due to the length and course of the male urethra.

Catheter-Associated UTI



    • Clinical Features of Cystitis

    • Burning around the catheter
    • Urge to urinate despite passing urine
    • Lower abdominal pain
    • Cloudy urine
    • Haematuria
    • Foul smelling urine
    • Low grade fevers
    • Clinical Features of Pyelonephritis

    • As with cystitis
    • Flank pain
    • Nausea / vomiting
    • Fevers / systemic features
    • Causes of Catheter-Associated UTI

    • The catheter acts as a bridge for ascension of bacteria into the bladder
    • Residual bladder volume increases risk of infection
    • Risk of biofilm creation
    • Prevention

    • Insert catheters only when clinically indicated
    • Rationalise the duration of the catheter
Last updated on January 1st, 2018