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Basic History

Adverse Drug Reactions

February 15th, 2021


  • Ask About

    Any reactions to medications.
  • What specific drug they have had a reaction to
  • What happens when they take the drug in question
  • How long after exposure to the drug the reaction began
  • How severe the reaction was
  • Whether the reaction resolved after cessation or dose-reduction of the drug
  • When this reaction first / last happened
  • Significance

  • Generally, avoid the drug in question
  • Not all adverse drug reactions are absolute contraindications - e.g. many medications cause nausea / vomiting
  • Not all adverse drug reactions are true - they may be misinterpretations
  • Types of Adverse Drug Reaction

  • Dose-related - narrow therapeutic index; generally improve with reduction in dose (may be required in renal or hepatic dysfunction)
  • Idiosyncratic - genetic susceptibility that is not dose-related
  • Allergic - occurs after sensitization
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