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Upper Limb Neuro
Upper Limb Neuro

Upper Limb Radiculopathy

February 15th, 2021


  • Signs of Radiculopathy

  • Lower motor neuron weakness affecting a myotomal distribution
  • Sensory loss affecting a dermatomal distribution
  • Causes of Radiculopathy

  • Intervertebral disc herniation
  • Osteoarthritis (osteophytosis)
  • Diabetes
  • Haematoma - epidural / subdural
  • Malignancy - spine, spinal cord
  • Infection - epidural abscess, tuberculosis, Lyme disease, syphilis, herpes zoster
  • Cervical Nerve Roots

  • RootDermatomeMyotomeReflex
    C4Superolateral shoulderShoulder abduction and elevationNil
    C5Outer armForearmShoulder abduction
    Elbow flexion
    C6Thumb & 2nd fingerWrist extensionSupinator
    C73rd finger
    Center of palm
    Elbow extension
    Wrist flexion
    C85th finger
    Ulnar border of hand
    Wrist extension
    Finger flexion
    Finger jerk
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