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Mental Status Exam




Rigidly held false beliefs not consistent with a person's background.
Grandiose delusions - of wealth / powerAcute mania
Hypochondriacal / somatic delusions - false convictions of fatal disease, infestations or degeneration of organsPsychosis, psychotic depression
Nihilistic delusions: feeling of not existing or having a body
Delusional perception: a normal perception followed by a delusional conclusionSchizophrenia
Delusions of infidelityPsychosis
Delusions of guilt and povertyPsychotic depression
Capgras's syndrome: the delusion that a significant person (e.g. spouse) has been replaced with an imposter
Erotomania: the delusion that a stranger (e.g. a celebrity) is in love with the patient
Do not attempt to challenge delusional ideas.
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