Drug Guide

Perindopril Erbumine

    Perindopril Erbumine
    • Mechanism of Action
    • Inhibits the ACE-driven conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II.
      Causes vascular smooth muscle relaxation, reduced tubular sodium and water reabsorption, reduced aldosterone secretion, reduced ADH secretion and water retention, and increased bradykinin.

Clinical Use

    • Indications
    • Hypertension – first line management, especially in patients with chronic kidney disease or heart failure
    • Heart failure
    • Post myocardial infarction
    • Contraindications
    • Renal artery stenosis (precipitates renal failure)
    • Pregnancy
    • Adverse Effects
    • Dry Cough (due to bradykinin)
    • Hypotension
    • Angioedema
    • Hyperkalaemia
    • Renal impairment
    • Monitoring
    • Electrolytes, urea and creatinine.
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